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Help Drain the Swamp of Corruption In Vermont!

Welcome to the new Green Mountain Republicans Inc. website with Social Media platforms. A  new grass roots portion of the Vermont Political scene to offer better  fiscally sustainable policies for Vermont Tax Payers, Small Business,  Mid-Size Companies to full Enterprise C-Corporations. Offering a voice  for Tax Relief, Tax Reform at IRS Federal Filings. A large portion of Vermont Voters and Tax  Payers are not being represented in Montpelier, we are going to help  organize every county across the State of Vermont to offer a voice and a  candidate for every seat in the next election cycle! Connect with us  and pass the word! We will be on every major Social Media Platform.   NIST SP 800-171 Cyber Security Compliance requirements.   

Help Drain The Swamp we Call Vermont!

Vermont is suffering under a Socialist Democrat/Progressive Super Majority destroying the affordability of Vermont for all Vermonters.  Vermont is ranked #7 among the most taxed states in the country by Tax Foundation www.taxfoundation.org with the legislature proposing Carbon Taxes of $1.02 Heating Oil/Diesel, .89 Cent Gasoline tax and .58 Cent Propane/Natural Gas tax. Call your local representatives to VOTE NO  on Carbon Taxes TODAY!   NIST SP 800-171 Cyber Security Compliance requirements. 

DNA Testing, HIV, STD

Ask your Representative to test their DNA TODAY! HIV Test Today!  STD TEST NOW!  Is Bernie Sanders really Jewish?  Elizabeth Warren Native American Heritage? Flyering, word-of-mouth, and donating are all ways of helping us achieve our goals together.  If your considering a run for Public Office, go to www.americanmajority.org for campaign training with tools to build and WIN your seat in Office.  Plus, we can consult your technology needs to market your campaign across the State of Vermont.   NIST SP 800-171 Cyber Security Compliance requirements. 

We Need Term Limits Today! Vote them OUT!


20th Century style leadership vs 21st Century Style Leadership

The White House- Keep America Great!

A great visit with our long-term allies Israel Keep America Great! https://www.whitehouse.gov/

Where are they today? New High-End Office Products Coming!

The Hollywood Hall of Fame, some able to continue their careers with their Hollywood Star of Fame.  Others dealing with serious addictions, changes in life and they have made the Hollywood where are they now list?

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Long-term effects on the brain research CNS Vital Signs

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Learn more about Cyber Security Compliance by registering with an actual experience award earning IT Professional Today! Grand Opening of E.S.G. JR. Consulting, Inc. Cyber Security Classes Coming SOON!

Bernie Sanders 2018 Mid-Term U.S. Senate Bid

Options for Vermont Voters

Bernie Sanders son slams Democrat Party and Hillary Clinton.

Bernie Sanders Announces Chicago

Bernie Sanders to run as a Democrat -but not accept the nomination

Bernie Sanders CNN announcement

Bernie Sanders 7 Days Statement

Vermont #14 State to join the United States, Vermont Independence (I), like Texas were Independent Countries in their forming histories.  Whether your a Independent, Republican, Democrat, Progressive, Libertarian as a Veteran USA Red, White and Blue, a Native Born Vermonter it is time for TERM LIMITS TODAY!

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Green Mountain Republicans Inc. running a holiday sale or weekly special to help get out the word on Legislation impacting your daily lives as a Vermont Tax Payer like our STOP THE CARBON TAXES tie shirts and legal registered Voters?  Secure encrypted online purchasing systems by Apple , Square , Talus , Amazon , Costco by E.S.G. JR. Consulting, Inc Software/Network Award Earning Engineering Systems.  A Fidelity Investments President of Technology Award Earner.

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Donate $25 to stop husbands abusing their wives! Green Mountain Republicans Inc. a 100% Veteran Owned Members Advantage Member Company!  $25 Dollars Open up a Personal or Business Checking/Savings accounts at Members Advantage

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Pre-Crime H.25 Bill Vermont

Pre-Crime H.25 Domestic Terrorism?

Bernie Sanders Announces at age 76, his 2018 Bid Vermont U.S. Senate Race, Son Slams Democrat Party and Hillary Clinton   Vermont only 1.1% GDP growth, 2016 Rise in Poverty.

Police agencies, Courts H.25 Bill immediately.  VT Fire Extinguisher

Definition: Causing bodily harm to several people


Grandfather, Father's Day June 17, 2018 Tribute to Honorable Men in your life!  Eddie Fisher Oh! My Papa!

Carbon Taxes being resurrected in Vermont Legislature

Newport , Vermont New Drug Test Coming Soon!

The Carbon Taxes would hurt Vermont Fire Extinguisher could cripple the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont due to 20 miles in either direction.  The EB-5 Scandal Rocked the North East Kingdom and Drug Addictions with needles tossed out of cars and found on beaches in some of the best lakes in the State of Vermont.  Large Number of VT House VT Senate Retire in 2018.

Granite Capitol of the World

14 Counties for the 14th State, Addison 

Brattleboro, Vermont, Bennington, Washington Windsor

New Drug Testing Coming Soon! Federal, State and LOCAL!

New Drug Testing for College Professors, K-High School, Federal, State and Local Employees will be randomly DRUG-TESTED, HIV, Insurance Agents and stay tuned due to DEA Restricted Drugs will be AUDITED, TRACKED and OVERDOSES to prove with verifiable Statistics!  Common Core Statistics showing far to many unable to pass?  The NEA Teachers Unions face new standards and background, finger printing with new updated Drug Testing?

Green Mountain Republicans Inc. Vt Politics in Montpelier

Vermont is suffering under a Socialist Democrat/Progressive Super Majority Destroying the Affordability of Vermont for all Vermonters.  Stay engaged to your local government!  We have 14 Counties with 14 Opportunities to Restore Balance in Montpelier, Vermont Poverty.  We are seeking candidates to run for Public Office!  Click the underlined to access websites to educate yourself on what your representatives are doing to funnel more money away from your families. Fox News #14 Betrays his Base!

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Your $25 donation at Members Advantage is an opportunity to be a part of something bigger. Show your candidate that you have their back. Give today!  We are working with PayPal , Square to offer leading edge encrypted secure means to shop online.   Donate $25 Dollar to Stop Husbands Abusing their wives! NIST SP 800-171 Cyber Security Compliance requirements. 

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